August Art Walk lineup August 9th

Hotwire Online Coffeehouse Kelly Rae Cunningham paintings

Wild Rose Antiques Local Artist

Cupcake Royale Paula Livingston ‘Humans Being’ oil or acrylic on canvas or board

Capers Dorie Westphal pen & ink

Clementine Liz Nelson mixed media paintings

8 LimbsYoga Erin E MacCoy Pacific Northwest landscapes in acrylics and inks

Windermere Elise Lindborg fine arts and prints

Coffee to a Tea with Sugar Hans D. Westphal

Ginomai Featured Artists:
Patricia Ann Wilson watercolor paintings, collage, drawings and ceramic sculpture
Rajaa Gharbi acrylic and watercolor semi-abstract paintings

Arts West Various Artists

Elliot Bay TS Pew

C&P Coffee 7 year old India and mother Machel Spence plants & animals photography

M3 Bodyworks Sirke Salminen oil & charcoal benefiting the Global Fund for Women

Beth Kalina Studios #442 ActivSpace

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