image: Iris Muranaka @ Styling Studio

image: Cara Sims @Skylark
1. Hotwire online coffeehouse: Hotwire: Observational Darwinismby Karl Addison

2. Ginomai Artists Studio: Laurie Zak in the community room – photography, photographic cards and open studios

3. Clementine: Janet Wold, pet paintings, and Rocco E Dante Bags by West Seattle designer Tara Savage

4. Shoofly Pie Company: Nyana Blume, photography

5. Keller Williams:Jay Mason – Oil on Canvashttp://www.jaymasonart./Jeff Beck – Maier – Handmade Jewelry Orange Box Jewelry is lovingly handmade from vintage recycled objects and beads. by Emerald Cove Catering (edible art)

6.Brunette Mix: Bob Keller has been drawn to photography as a communication form since his first visit to San Francisco as a kid.? His primary subject is a broadly defined ?landscape,? which includes the physical materials and biological beings that interact at its visible surface.? It may be the interaction of people and earth (e.g. land rehabilitation efforts, transportation methods, food production, resource use) or the elegant or violent movement of water, a subtle shape found in a wind-stressed stem, the chattering of a trio of auklets.?

7. Sweetie: Jay Cates, paintings

8. Capers

9.Windermere: Diane Culhane, whimsical,fun and colorful oil on canvas.

10. Wild Rose: Talese Heckler, mixed media artist.

11. Coffee to a tea: Mike Doyle and Stephanie Norris and G.B, water color and acrylic paintings.
12. Edies

13.Twilight: Realist painter Michelle Anderst’s works on canvas focusing on solitary figures, anatomy and industrial imagery such as telephone poles, glass, and run down spaces. The work is filled with an intensity of color and subject that creates an instant feeling of intimacy with the viewer. Her imagery is directly influenced from growing up as an only child where she spent most of her time drawing her surroundings and poring over her fathers anatomy books

14. Cupcake Royal: Richard Macias “Moments in Time”, Oil Paintings, Be About It

15. 8 Limbs Yoga: Mariah Scee, photography.

16. Dream Diners

17. Georgia Blu is proud to present the work of professional artist CodyBlomberg. Cody’s colorful art is beautiful for children’s rooms andfeatures many animals. Be the first to see one of his new animal clockseries!

18.Arts West: 5X5 featuring Derek Ferrington, Thomas Krueger, Claire Putney, Gay Waldman

and John Wilmot . Rounding out ArtsWest’s 2007-2008 exhibition season, five photographers display five images each, bringing refreshing diversity and unique expression to the camera’s
mimicry of everyday life.

18. 20. Elliott Bat Brewery: Paul Creasmen

19. Talaricos

21. Click! Deisgn that Fits:Janet MillerMy artwork comes out of the many questions, stories, and experiences that I have collected so far in my travels, visits, and work, both at home and away from home. My paintings are made using beeswax, oil paint, graphite, and found materials. These materials include used maps, old books, letters, doodles, and various items I find on the ground or am given. These saved and rescued scraps are a tangible recollection of experiences I have had, which build on each other to create an endless, constantly changing story.

22. Mission

23. Blackbird

24. Alki Mail: Joan Hill, Digital Art

25.Revolution Coffee and Art: Jim Knight Abstract Oil on Canvas

26. Circa: rock photographer, Megan Perry.

27. Styling Studio: Iris Muranaka, Jennifer Leach, and Kathleen Lopez, photography.

28.The Body Bar: Julie Nugent-Carnay showing acrylic paintings in her Vortex series. Come see her unseen world of turbulent energy.

29.West Seattle Nursury

30. M3 Bodyworks:Painter and Photographer – Kelly Tissot

31. Seattle Wellness Program:

32. C & P

33. Bubbles

Businesses Not on Map

Red Cup: ninja girl, paintings on canvas and a framed sticker collection. ninjagrl started practicing the art of stealth building and hiding in forts as a young girl, and in later years perfected it by standing virtually unnoticed in corners and against walls at social gatherings. And by being very, very quiet. She has an extensive crayola collection and a cat named Turtle. Before turning professional ninja she’d moonlight as an architect and 3d modeler… lurking around minneapolis and chicago…in the summer of ’07 she headed to the bay area for a slightly higher probability of meeting a dolphin… and in the summer of ’08 she followed the cargo ships up to seattle…

Skylark: Cara Sims

Carmilia’s: John Sabee, air brush paintings

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