image above: Sylvia Portilla @  Northwest Art and Frame

3. V-Blast will be showing in the Community Room at the Ginomai Art Center. Paints of highly textured non-objective abstract works. Each piece is its own epiphany and a stepping stone on his artistic path.

4. Bill Herberholz, tin art

5. Brian Little, A coalition of organic and mechanical. Brian constructs fantastical imagery with resonant structure using pencil, ink 

And layering techniques. Inspired by biological science and modern devices, his work invites the viewer to look deeper

6.Mary Hildebrand ~ JewelryEmail: marygunndesigns@comcast.net Paul Van Zwalenburg ~ PhotographerEmail: pvz@loudlucy.comWebsite: http://homepage.mac.com/pvz1/Samples_for_shows/PhotoAlbum54.html Jay Mason ~ Oil on CanvasWebsite: http://www.myartspace.com/Email: jay@jaymasonart.com Catered by Emerald Cove Catering (edible art)Emerald Cove CateringFred Detore, OwnerNW Cuisine with an Asian/Mediterranean Influenceemail: fred@emeraldcovecatering.com,206-246-5495

11. Sue Danielson, sue@suedanielson.net.

12. Wild Rose’s presents “Northwest Autumn” floral’s and landscapes in oil by Janet Ramble

15. Dane and Tika, intricate line drawings

16. Michelle Smith Lewis and Debbie BianchiImages of SolitudeAbout the artists:”Images of Solitude”, photography by Michelle Smith LewisHer dreams and memories often appear throughout her work, fueling the images with quiet anticipation… the peace and tranquility of a moment made still… solitude.Paintings by Debbie Bianchi Incorporating a subtle mix of common things in uncommon ways. In this series, her inspirations come from her children, crows, and current trends in textiles and papers.In her paintings, Debbie works mostly with acrylic and develops her paintings through a process of creation, destruction, and preservation. On canvas she starts with paper, vintage texts or stencils for the beginning texture. Sometimes layer upon layer are added and then selectively removed in order to reveal the original layer. This also gives an encaustic feel to the painting.
websites: http://www.msmithlewis.com/http://www.debbiebianchi.com/http://www.debbiebianchi.com/

18. Gregg Turner, “Reflections of silence.” the photos reflect my attempts to capture in an image the quality of silence i experience when i sit with my master teacher.

20. Anita Mehus will be showing at Funky Jane’s Consignment. “Illustrated Animals” is the title of the show featuring colorful acrylic paintings of everyday animals. As a new mother, Anita was influenced by the stories and animations she’s enjoyed with her daughter.

21.Georgia Blu is proud to feature the jewelry of Heather Moore. Heather MooreJewelry includes not only beautiful necklaces, but rings, bracelets, keyrings, and cuff links, to name just a few. On this night only you willreceive 20% off our normal pricing on any Heather Moore jewelry purchase.

22. American Icon:Brian White, Kenneth Susynski, Suzanne Gardner

25. Sylvia Portillo “Expressions in Nature” a natural science illustrator, aims to share the wonders of nature through art.  She uses a wide variety of media to create botanical and wildlife drawings and paintings.  The spontaneity of her cut paper collage designs balances out the rigorous requirements of scientific art. www.nalt.com/sylviaportillo


26. Debbie Dawn Numoto, “Pacific Coast and Beyond’ Whether it is a beautiful coast line, flowers and hummingbirds or the Yakima river and hills Debbie is inspired by natural beauty everywhere.

27. Alki Bathhouse Art Studio: Barbara Draper – Abstract Expressionist paintings in acrylic on canvas, each piece having a personal story. Also showing work are artists Jana Ablin, Sharon Ackerlund, Nancy Adams, Barbara Benedetto, Colleen Doherty, Julie Eiselt, Jessica Jee, Jennifer Jennings, Kristie McLean, Richard Pierce, Alison Power, and Janet Skinner.

28. Karen Derby’s photography captures the beauty of motorcycles, as well as the world she has seen riding them. She recently survived a major motorcycle accident, and this show is a fundraiser for her medical expenses.

32. Kevin Higinbotham, “Works on Steel”

34. Iris Muranaka, Jenn Leach, and Kathleen Lopez, “3 Sisters from Different Mothers” Long time friends, all photographers, show their art together.

35.The Bohemian is pleased to host these fine local artists: 

Stacy Sterling: Ocean-themed acrylics on canvas; vibrant colors,flowing forms. Large to small canvases. http://www.basilictextiles.com/
Victoria Heuman: Innovative multi-canvas acrylics. Sculpturalabstract compositions rich in color and theme.
Brian Nunes: Prints from original oils and acrylics. Surrealistcompositions inspired by Salvador Dali and Vladimir Kush.
Joni James: Passionate depictions of various musical instruments. Exotic and warm acrylics/mixed- media on canvas. Framed.
Trina Smith: Bold, high-contrast compositions. Large to small oils oncanvas. Engaging use of color in grid-like patterns.

36. The Body Bar is showing Michelle Masse who specializes in Wedding Photography, this month she is showing a whimsical manikin themed show at the Body Bar.  Come see Manny the manikin in his tour around Seattle.
Black and white photography, developed in a dark room by Michell Massewww.massephoto.com

41. Rob of RJB PHOTO has been shooting his flavor of Hot Rod Pin-up photographyfor the past 10 years, now he is taking it to a new level, Horror, Hot RodPin-up Photography! This show has already been causing waves on theinternet, after being censored minutes after posting the show flyer! You donot want to miss this show!

42. Youth from Nature Consortium’s Youth Art Program at Yesler Terrace and Rainier VistaYouth Art Program Exhibition and work by Trista Saunders and live music Photography, paintings, mixed-media, 2D and 3D visual creations Trista’s website is: http://www.tristasaunders.com/Youth Art Program website: http://www.naturec.org/art.htm

43. 13 whimsical, one-of-a-kind sculpted leather mask creations by West Seattle mask-maker, Tammy R. Clammer Artist will be there for the art walk. http://www.tcleathercraft.com/

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