Keller Williams February Artist

Debbie Bianchi

BIO: My current work is a mix of common things in uncommon ways. I love birds, and I have dedicated my most recent series to a family of crows that I feed from my deck. My children and I enjoy watching their social interactions, and sometimes find similarities to human communication styles.I am also inspired by textiles, old and new. I love looking for the latest trends in art and design. It all began with sewing clothes from vintage clothing and other textiles. There was such satisfaction in taking something obsolete and creating something new and fresh. This creative urge continued to progress into painting and many other forms of creative tinkering. After I had my children, my creations took on a more whimsical feel. I work mostly with acrylic and create my paintings from my heart. On canvas, I begin with using paper, vintage texts or stencils for the beginning texture. Sometimes a translucent layer of acrylic is added and then selectively removed in order to reveal the original layer. This can also give an ‘encaustic’ feel to my work.
Meduim: Acrylic on Canvas

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