Skylark Cafe February Artist

Balloons outside, “Art With Heart” on sandwich board outside- flowers and candles on tables- a vanilla raspberry champagne cocktail special (Tuaca, Chambord, champagne) = $6

Artist: Justin Hillgrove, paintings and giclee prints of paintingsWebsite: www.impsandmonsters.comBio: Justin Hillgrove grew up in Snohomish, WA and has been enjoying artistic expression since he was old enough to color on the walls. He graduated from Snohomish Highschool in 1994 and then took the Graphic Design and Illustration Program at Seattle Central Community College for one year. Since then, Justin has enjoyed many years of freelance illustration and design, working on everything from collectible card games to bobble heads. He also currently works full-time as the lead designer at a local publication in Bothell, WA

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