Hotwire Coffee April Artists

Grace Puffert. My art is inspired by children’s storybooks and all things whimsical. I draw my ideas from music and fairytales, and also my imagination.

Victoria Kelly. What inspires me most to paint is nature. More specifically, trees and their color inspire me. My favorite colors to use in paintings are green and yellow, but I also like autumn colors like red brown, and orange.

Logan Mohr. I get a lot of my ideas from the things I see around me, as well as other artists. Photography and graphic design are two of my inspirations, and I am also inspired by the urban atmosphere of Seattle and everything around the northwest.

One thought on “Hotwire Coffee April Artists

  1. Was by last night and loved the artwork of these fine young artists! Thanks for hosting their work. I enjoyed viewing them.Particularly loved Grace’s work!


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