Hotwire May Artists Seattle Lutheran Students

Kayla Stull
Age 17, Senior
My work is inspired by other cultures and other artists work. I also love to paint portraits, and most recently I painted a portrait of my friends dog.

Emily Meyer
Age 18, Senior
My paintings are inspired by the people around me, and by things that I have experienced in the past few months. Painting is an outlet for my feelings, and it helps me express myself.

Garret Richwilson
Age 17, Junior
My most recent drawing was inspired by the movie The Dark Knight, and I did this drawing in honor of Heath Ledger.

Alexa Jacobs
Age 18, Senior
I am most inspired by people in general. Every piece of art I make is unique, and in my opinion diversity is key. I try and reflect this in the images I choose to paint.

Melissa Stein
Age 16, Junior
Art inspires met o be myself and show my creativity. I like art because it makes me forget about all of my troubles and feel free.

Lindsey Kelly-Huff
Age 16, Junior
I like to make paintings that are simple, cute, and fun. I love mixed media, and like to use bright colors in my paintings.

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