The Building May Artists

West Seattle’s best kept secret is The Building, a former private school turned into 12 artist studios in 2008. At the south end of California turn west on Othello. You’ll see The Building, a green-grey tribute to 1960’s architecture on your right: 4316 SW Othello. Plenty of street parking.

Lad: In May Lad will be showing her latest paintings and drawings. She builds up the surface of each painting as one would weave materials together to form cloth. See more of her paintings and male figure drawings at

Joyce Gehl Studio: Spring brings an abundance of opportunity for Joyce’s encaustic studies. Her layers of textured wax, photography, drawing, oil paint and deep carving reveal things both unseen and indefinable, creating links among seemingly unrelated subjects and events.

Craig Kosak: Craig is preparing for a large solo show in Santa Fe later this year and many of the show’s larger paintings are complete. Stop by for a preview of the newly finished work and many other paintings in progress. For more information about Craig and his work visit

Randy McCoy has abstract paintings, prints and other works in his studio available for purchase which are constructed from cast paint and recycled copper, his new work is a terrific compliment to today’s modern home interiors and specifically West Seattle’s prevalent mid-century modern aesthetic.

Pre-K Atelier: Visit our traditional, figurative sculpture studio and see works from Roberta Browne, Shawn Mclean, Paul Vosper and Matt Buckner. See plaster casting in various stages as well.

Kerrie Howell will be hosting an ongoing installation project.

Alisa Lahti: From traditional motif to modern adaptation, Alisa’s inspiration comes from the folk art form of papercutting from her Polish heritage. Her latest project is the restoration of a large “szopka”, a creche made primarily from paint, paper and cardboard following a long tradition from the city of Krakow.

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