Keller Williams June Artists Cara Granger, Jason Sinclair, Laura Green and Catering by Emerald Cove Catering

Cara Granger Astorquia BIO: I was Born and raised in Oakland, CA and have been a Washington resident, specifically West Seattle, for the past 10 years. My love for drawing and painting began as a small child when my intrigue for interpretation and how the world is put together began.

Jason Sinclair AstorquiaBIO: An native of Idaho, I now call Seattle home, having lived in the area for more than a dozen years, the past eight of which in West Seattle.

Laura Green Jewelry

Fred Detore and James Privette: Emerald Cove Catering BIO: Fred Detore, started his love for cooking while watching his mother in the kitchen as a small child. James Privette attended South Seattle Culinary Arts School. He met Fred while working at the Palisades Restaurant.

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