Sleepers in Seattle July Artists Luci Varon, Vivian Jech, Raphael Alcabes and Meryl Alcabes

Four photographers participated in this project, which entailed shooting photos exclusively of West Seattle on just two dates: May 16 and June 14, 2009: Luci Varon, Vivian Jech, Raphael Alcabes and Meryl Alcabes. Luci Varon loves to capture nature’s beauty, the essence of a town or city, and those special moments in people’s lives. She has been snapping memories for over 30 years. Vivian Jech is 33 and lives in West Seattle. Her favorite color is blue, and her favorite authors include Elizabeth Peters and Stephenie Meyer. She has brown hair and is almost five feet tall.

Raphael Alcabes’s interest in photography began when he attended a photography summer camp sponsored by the Pacific Science Center in conjunction with Art Wolfe. He enjoys photographing his friends and their activities. Meryl Alcabes learned the basics of photography from a college roommate. Since then, she has documented her family’s life abroad, their retail business and the growth of her three boys. When a shot of her oldest son as a toddler won first prize in a department store contest, she became devoted to photography. Eventually, Meryl’s children rebelled at being photographed, so she turned to capturing portraits of friends and documenting their celebrations. Meryl eventually hopes to hear the ultimate praise a photographer can receive, “wow–you must have a really good camera.”

2 thoughts on “Sleepers in Seattle July Artists Luci Varon, Vivian Jech, Raphael Alcabes and Meryl Alcabes

  1. Meryl's photos catch the essence of her subjects. She MUST have a great camera. Or great subjects. Can't wait to come see the show!


  2. All of the photographs of my children that I display at work were taken by Meryl. I can't even count on my fingers the number of compliments I have received about how great those photos are!


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