Pure Hair July Artist Karlee Furtwangler & Wine, Nibbles

At a young age Karlee Furtwangler hoisted herself out of the rural countryside of Enumclaw and moved to the bustling big city of Seattle. It was here that she first discovered her predilection for painting. In time, her passion for painting and all things “art” would lead her into the world of Interior Design. After graduating from Bellevue College, the twenty-seven year old has spent the last couple of years working as a commercial interior designer by day and a freelance artist and design consultant by night.

The salon will be offering $10 off any service booked by a new client and 20%off hair products on the evening. I will be serving wine and nibbles to those who stop by.

One thought on “Pure Hair July Artist Karlee Furtwangler & Wine, Nibbles

  1. Wow … seeing THAT blog post title on the WS Blog summary page caught my eye for sure, since I share Karlee's unusual last name. Enumclaw. Yup, we're distant cousins. I'll definitely try to stop by and see the show!


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