Gail Ann Photography July Art Marley & Me plus Owners Art

“Marley & Me”A collection of images taken by the family pets Marley and Luna!Who knew Marley would turn into a killer photographer when he got a pet cam for Christmas! I’ve been ‘processing’ his work and I must say, he takes after me. Luna not so much but, she has gotten a great shot of Marley himself coming up the stairs. Their first book will be ‘published’ soon!

Also images by Gail Ann, visual photographic artist, including images of Poland.Over the past several years I have developed a love affair with Poland. This is one of my favorite images taken in Krakow. Stop by to see little vignettes of life in Poland; many images are ‘polaroid transfers’; done using slides and polaroid film, along with a little bit of luck, a song and a prayer!

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