Coffee to a Tea with Sugar August Artist Kerry

Kerry is a latecomer to the art world. At the age of 49 he picked up a brush for the first time. He quickly decided his main tool would be the painting knife and he hasn’t stopped since. He received an award in his first juried competition and recently received 1st Place in the Normandy Park Arts Festival for “Spring “09” which is currently on display at Coffee To A Tea With Sugar in West Seattle.

The majority of Kerry’s work is done in the style he calls “Dollopism”. Using a painting knife he carefully places dollops of oil paint, one at a time onto canvas or board. This technique allows him to create highly textured, colorful works of art.

Kerry has more than a dozen of works on display at Coffee To A Tea With Sugar during the month of August. He will be donating 30% of any sales from that display to the Prostate Cancer Foundation in memory of his Father who died from this disease.

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