Bakery Nouveau August Artist Lisette Wolter-Mckinley

Artist: Lisette Wolter-Mckinley

Artist bio: Lisette is from Washington, where she grew up loving the outdoors and creating whenever she had the opportunity. She has always been fascinated with color, texture and composition. She likes to cook, entertain, craft, run, hike and snowshoe. She currently lives in West Seattle with her husband Cameron. Artist statement: My work consists of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, which I constantly explore through different contexts. The subjects I choose are generally simple, ordinary and natural. They reside in a world where people easily pass over them and do not take time to appreciate their inherent value. As an artist I seek to unearth the missed beauty and appeal of such moments. The idea that extraordinary beauty exists all around us is the theme to which I constantly return. To this end, I take photographs, create mixed media art and whatever else catches my interests.

Medium: Photography Size of work: 8″ x 10″ prints with 15″ x 17″ frames

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