Admiral Theater Seeking Artists

The evening consists of 3 acoustic musicians in a round, followed by a spoken word artist. At the same time on stage, 4 artists are on 4 canvasses painting. After each “round” they rotate to the next canvass, adding their own special touch to that canvass.

At evening’s end, the four canvasses come together to form one painting which then gets auctioned off to an audience member. The painters split that money amongst themselves.

We encourage the artists to get together prior to the show so that they can discuss a “theme” for the painting and even sketch out whatever they want to make the evening go smoothly.

We start at 9:00 PM. There are usually 2, 45-minute sets split apart by a 15-20 minute intermission.

We promote the artists in a variety of ways;

On our website;
On our marquee
On our movie-line
Through posters; (see attached)
Through press releases and media advisories
Through blogs and event locations like; culture mob, eventful, Craig’s List, Seattle Twist, etc.
Also, prior to the show, the artists are encouraged to bring their work to hang in the lobby not only for sale, but for increased visibility prior to the show.

We do ask our artists to put their involvement out on their social network pages and websites as well as send out an invitation to their own email lists.
We do these shows to benefit the food banks in West Seattle. We have received nothing but great testimonials from both the artists and the community. The audience loves watching a painting come to life right in front of them as well as have the chance to purchase the work.

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