Feedback Lounge Paintball

Come to the Feedback Lounge during artwalk and watch some amazing art in progress. Click the Feedback Lounge link for more information.
Vblast is a full time professional artist working in the field of modern contemporary abstract. His unique style of heavily textured and highly detailed work draws the viewer in like the swinging stopwatch of a hypnotist. For over 25 years, Vblast honed his skills in the cutthroat arena of independent graphic illustration, creating shirt designs, tattoo flash, cd art, as well as magazine and book illustrations. In 2001 the artist decided to leave the world of commercial art and devote himself entirely to his own work. The abstract art of Vblast has been exhibited in a variety of northwest galleries and venues as well as being part of numerous private collections across North America.

I started my creative career after Art school by working in sign shops, learning sign fabrication, hand lettering and design. During this time I started painting Murals for schools, commercial buildings and public buildings over the years I have painted over 50 Murals. All throughout this time I continued to create fine art. And have shown my work at number of shows. Up till this point I have chosen to work outside the gallery system choosing instead to self pro-mot and host events showcasing my work, most recently a Friday the 13th show at the Admiral Sanctuary. I have been working as an Illustrator since the ‘90s and have specialized in spot illustration, at this point I have sold over 3000 drawings.

I have been tattooing&painting for the greater part of the last ten years.I enjoy using many different mediums and am always looking to learn new tricks from peers. Thats how I made it to the Paint Ball in the first place. A collaborative piece with Vblast and here we are at the FeedBack lounge. It’s a great way to keep inspired & work with other artists. So thanx Jeff & all the Feedback lounge crew for the opportunity!

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