Twilight Artist Collective September Show The Ontology of The Image

SHOW: The Seattle Group – The Ontology of The Image, curated by Chris Crites
WHAT: Twilight Artist Collective is pleased to announce The Ontology of The Image, a group exhibition featuring works by fourteen Artists, all members of The Seattle Group. The grip of attention regarding this show comes from two seemingly unrelated poles:

1. The show is based on a feverish conversation regarding the nature if the Image. The intensity and passion of this subject has created impact and effect within our work, and is in part, the glue that anchors this show.

2. The work represented is not the typical unification of medium, technique and approach, and this opens up the field. Each Artist represented is pushing the limits in their own style, medium, and expression. The Image alone is being carved out, created, and respected. It’s about the work, all else comes secondary.

This group show will display larger works in painting, works in collage, smaller works of fine detail, and many other variations towards The Ontology of The Image.

Participating artists:
Paul Young, Mark Tracy, Shaw Osha, Matthew Olds, Kevin McCarthy, Joseph Keppler, Carl Jackson, Robert Hardgrave, Shawn Foote, Bill Fahey, Andrew Drawbaugh, Chris Crites, James Brown, Tracy Boyd

The groups first publication, “The Seattle Group – The Ontology of The Image” will also be available at the show.

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