Sleepers in Seattle September Artists Joshua Von and Sarah Parent

Joshua Von is a new artist to the Seattle scene. His work in photography focuses primarily on industrial and architectural elements. He recently relocated from Moscow, Idaho after receiving his degree in Advertising and Fine Arts from Washington State University. He is grateful to be included in the West Seattle Art Walk.
Sarah Parent. Exploring the possibilities of pottery has captivated me since my first class, taken on a whim at the local junior college. I’ve since moved on to be a ceramics major at the University of Washington, and my fascination is greater than ever. I like to bring a sense of movement to my pots, a ball of plastic clay can be twisted and stretched, cut and chattered on the wheel. A moment when a design choice is made, tweaking a rim here or pushing a finger hold there allows the user to connect to the clay’s history. I enjoy the metamorphosis that occurs during the process of soda and crystalline glaze firing. The excitement when opening the kiln, never knowing what is waiting for you inside keeps me intrigued. The crystals have a life of their own and the path of the soda vapor through the kiln is like a river of fire painting the final piece.

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