Sterling Images Gallery October Ducky Tower of Terror

Halloween images have always been displayed at Sterling Images Gallery(“SIG”), but, now, the gallery, in association with Duckies Rule!,presents the World’s First Ducky Tower of Terror. Interactive Halloweenfun has never been duckier! SIG (at Lowman Beach Park) presents the artof John Cerminaro, Xavier Lopez, and Ron Sterling (founder of thegallery). Images include “Ducky Vampire 2.0” and “The Wizardess of Awe.”

Mr. Cerminaro is the world famous principal hornist (french horn) of theSeattle Symphony whose art can be described as “sublime kandinskyesqueminiatures.” Mr. Lopez who is a “veteran” of over a hundred shows andmany different art forms, will show pieces from his “pop-surrealism”world. Ron Sterling, SIG’s founder, presents delightfully quirky duckyimages and many other fine photographic prints. Drinks, eats, andtreats, plus drawings for prizes!

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