Activspace October Artists and Sue Quigley

Performing: Sue Quigley

ARTISTS: Olivia Pendergast – Full showing!
Sarah Leonard
Mary Shea
Lori Randall
Vita Cohen
Kazon Rotz
Rocco Dante – Tara Sauvage

Olivia Pendergast is a full-time artist represented in galleries in Utah. She moves to West Seattle two and a half years ago and spends about half her time in Africa Painting. She leaves for Africa next Tuesday and is having a large Studio Sale at her Activspace Studio during Art walk 6-9pm to move along some paintings and drawings. Prices will be up to 85% off for older works (at least one year older) and newer works will be 60% off (gallery prices). Olivia has shown in museums around the country and received awards in national competitions. To see her resume and samples of her work please visit her

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