Coffee to a Tea with Sugar November Artist Cara Granger Astorquia

Inspired by the population of crows in West Seattle, Cara has created a stunning collection of paintings paying homage to these curious birds. Cara will be available to meet at her reception taking place during art walk. 30% of all her sales through the month will be donated to Toys for Tots. Check out her work at
Joining Cara this month will be West Seattle author Lyanda Lynn Haupt. Haupt recently release he book Crow Planet; Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness. The book profiles crows and their behavior “inviting us to explore our own wilder edges, where are cities are not as impoverished as we’ve been told; our sidewalks not as straight as we thought” (from Crow Planet, Haupt, Little Brown and Company, 2009). Haupt will be signing books through out the evening. Read her blog at

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