C&P Coffee November Artist Jennifer Nerad

C & P Coffee Company welcomes painter Jennifer Nerad. “There is something archetypical about the natural landscape and human interaction with it. It is as if the answers lie just beyond that line of trees or those rows of waves, and if we stare long enough it will reveal itself in full. My hope is to create this sort of intimate connection with the viewer, a step closer to understanding. I seek to evoke that feeling of looking out into the sea: one of wistful contemplation, introspection, and general peacefulness. “ http://www.jennifernerad.com

One thought on “C&P Coffee November Artist Jennifer Nerad

  1. I love Jennifer’s art. Own a couple of her early artworks that I cherish. Haven’t looked her up for quite a while and glad to see she’s doing so well. Also love her new look! The new glasses and hairdo since I knew her are genius.


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