Emerald Spiral November Artist Iris Muranaka

Some of the images Iris has created are a blend of black and white photography with a touch of color to imitate a sense of nostalgia with the present. Iris’s other specialties are landscapes and architectural images portrayed in a surrealistic fashion.

7 thoughts on “Emerald Spiral November Artist Iris Muranaka

  1. Iris's work is really fantastic. In fact, I'm having her hold a print for me. She really does urban landscapes in a totally organic way. I'm always saying that I love the northwest but miss the sky. Well, Iris has managed to capture the northwest sky in a way I never imagined possible.

    I'm also excited that Why Ask Why, an acoustic duo, will be playing during Iris's reception on Thursday night.


  2. Iris has an amazing eye and technique. Emerald Spiral has some really amazing artists showing their works all the time there. I am very excited that Iris is one of them now. You will really love her work. Emerald Spiral is this really wonderful space to check out.


  3. Oh my, I just stopped by Emerald Spiral to check out Iris's photos and they are magnificent. I had never been to Emerald Spiral, what a gem. They have the most amazing art, crystals and people there. This is a must stop place for the art walk….


  4. Last winter I purchased one of Iris's photographs at another West Seattle Art Walk and since have received many comments on it's originality. Iris does amazing things with black and white photographs!


  5. I arrived late but the party was still going. I arrived to music, laughter and plenty of smiles. I am so proud of my Friend Iris. The artistic display of her work truly captures the urban landscape. Great job Iris! It is truly a privilege and honor to be affiliated with such a great artist as you. Iris is a very gifted and talented artist whos work I feel will be timeless.


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