Ginomai November Show Ace of Frames

Artist: Ace of Frames
Phone: 206-841-4728

Show theme: Sports, Politics and Rock n’ Roll
A collection of Seattle Sounders, Five US Presidents and a Signed Rolling Stone Guitar
A West Seattle framing concierge that develops unique pieces with specialized matting cuts and elaborate frame designs. Using Museum Quality UV glass or Plexi product. Many signed collectible pieces or great for kids school and sport photo’s.

Artist: Lucie LaMaine

Medium: Acrylic Paint, Mica Flakes, Glass Bead Gel, Molding Paste, Organic Paper, Netting, Glitter and Nail Polish on Canvas and Wood.
I have spent many years in the Northwest loving the forest and the sea, from shopping at the Public Market to boating in the San Juan’s and camping in the Hoh rain forest. I’ve faced challenges like commercial fishing in Alaska, losing my direction in the woods, and fearing the unseen but heavy breathing Sasquatch.
People want to know what motivates me as an artist. Why do I create? I create because I am able to communicate with others and express my deep thoughts and feelings. My focus is to paint images that evoke emotion, tell a story, amuse people and make the ordinary extraordinary. I want to bring light and color into a world of dark images and reflect on the creation of life in the Northwest.

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