Wallflower November Show the Puny Picture Show

Join us in Wallflower at the Shooting Gallery, where we feature an artist’s show in coordination with the West Seattle Artwalk. This month we present: the Puny Picture Show

The Shooting Gallery at Wallflower Custom Framing is proud to present its biggest undertaking yet! Each of these fabulous local artists (and artists with local ties) was asked to create work with one common theme: they must be tiny. The results are amazing…and small.
Participating Artists: Jennifer Ament, Bethany Bachmann[3], Christopher Balder, Elizabeth Blake, Jessica Creager[7], Kelly Rae Cunningham, Mike Doyle, Jennifer Mahar Gilroy, Harry Householder, Todd Karam[5], I.H. Kuniyuki, Longina[2], Shelli Markee[6], Jennifer Mercede, Liz Moody[1], Mark Morgan, Tarsha Rockowitz[4], Jeff Sievertson, Shay Troupe, Ms. Vivian Yamakoshi.

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