Hotwire December Artist Wyn Bielaska

From Rust to Dust. Nibbles, wine and instore coupons and specials.

This collection of photographs from my CASE STUDY SHIP HULL SERIES
documents the sides of large CARGO CONTAINER SHIPS
that I came across in the dockyards of Seattle and Tacoma Washington, as well as Vancouver BC.
They are unaltered studies in color composition.

These are but an eyeful – badges from a pilgrimage –
Postage stamps encapsulating the pride and optimism of a nation.
As illustrations, gestures from the shoulder are described. Abstract patterns upon which gestures of the seemingly uncontrolled subconscious of a colossus are recorded.
Upon colors that ache like the unfolding of spring blooms, are the smears and rubbed markings, caustic pours, insatiable rot and corrosion that we inflict upon nature daily.

Nature shrieks back

Indeed these pictures are a celebration of the organic qualities of our most synthetic materials. Their ability to be transformed, their vulnerability to forces beyond even their mighty control, is laid bare.
In this they re-affirm our humanity –
And then they move

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