Sold Home Decor January Artist Linda Thorson

Cast Stone Garden Sculpture/Architectural Detailing

Inspired by my background in history, art history, horticulture, and travel, my original sculptures are created mostly from clay, with occasional use of paper, wood or glass.

I have developed a specialized, high-strength concrete mixture for my casting, which allows me very fine detailing. After fabrication of a silicone mold, a piece is cast and trimmed. Finishes, also created by me, usually start with an integral color, with oxides and pigments layered and burnished after casting. The pieces are then sealed and hand buffed, to bring out their detail and luster. They weather beautifully outdoors. For more information visit

During Art Walk, Sold Home Décor will also have live music and wine for your enjoyment! Select merchandise will be 50% off!

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