Sterling Images Gallery February Show and Shuttle

Scuttle to the Shuttle!

The “star” of Sterling Images Gallery this week will be “The Shuttle.”
Yep, the latest member of our team will be a a comfy shuttle for you to
ride in from the Junction down to us, to the Kenney, to Gail Ann
Photography, and to West Seattle Wine Cellars and then back to the
Junction. You could call it “The Love Bus,” I suppose. Adventuring to
the southern artistic exposure has never been more fun. We already know
that the Art Walk rocks. This week, it’s also going to roll! Yah,

Our “regulars” who, honestly, cannot really be called “regular” will be
showing many new works: Ryan Henry Ward (nominated by Seattle Weekly
the 2009 Seattle Muralist of the Year); John Cerminaro (“sublime
kandinskyesque miniatures”); Xavier Lopez (extraordinary
“pop-surrealism” pieces); and, Ron Sterling, showing fine art
photographs, many from the pre-digital world of film. You can drop in
as early as 4 p.m. to the gallery. You just gotta see the Valentine’s
display next door – “Unforgettable” in many ways. Drinks and eats will
be served. Happy Love Day!

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