ArtsWest March Show Relics of Light

Relics of Light from March 2 through March 27, 2010. Relics of Light features four notable artists: Keith Troester, Amirra Malak, Lyosha Grechishkin and Susan Bari Price.

Keith Troester presents “In a Landscape”, a 6 minute projection of two contrasting urban scenes, inspired by avant-garde composer.

Susan Bari Price is a realist painter that works to convey the human spirit as the foundation of her work. Each technically refined object is re-presented with a simplicity that makes it universally recognized.

Amirra Malak is an awarded Oregon artist mainly working in vibrant, colorful acrylics on paper and board.

Lyosha Grechishkin is a Russian artist currently residing in the Pacific NW. Grechishkin’s still life paintings reflect a strong contrast of natural light and darkness.

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