Wallflow March Artists Jennifer Mercede, Elena Cronin & Betsy Levine

“Three Faces” by artists Jennifer Mercede, Elena Cronin, and Betsy LeVine.

Jennifer Mercede, an artist originally from the east coast is inspired by graffiti, color combinations and little kids art.

Excerpt from Elena Cronin’s artist statement:
A large portion of my recent work centers around a first-person perspective of my own body. This concept is something that is rarely seen in art, even though any second-person rendering automatically detaches both the artist and the viewer from the artist’s true perspective.

Excerpt from Betsy Levine’s artist statement:
This show started as a celebration of the children I met in Fiji this summer while leading a community service trip. They ran through the village calling everybody mother, and their laughter rang in my ears the whole month. I loved capturing their faces on film and later on the canvas.

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