Funky Janes March Artist Jersey Girl

Capturing life’s moments…

It started when my father gave me his old 35mm Canon a few years back. The way I saw the world changed. I was no longer just seeing life pass by me in a moving sense but began to see life in still frames.

Capturing the moment

The irony is that change and movement can exist in a still frame.
How life has been so different here but yet so the same.


San Pellegrino and TJ’s chocolate butter cookies will be offered …as well as postcards with postage paid

8 thoughts on “Funky Janes March Artist Jersey Girl

  1. I have been a fan of Jersey Girl's work for some time now, the way she captures beauty in the everyday that most of us pass by without any notice just amazes me.


  2. I've been admiring Jersey Girl's photography for years. She has the eye to capture just the right snippit of a scene that tells a tale, has you asking questions, noticing details you would have otherwise passed by and wanting more.


  3. Not only do Jersey Girl's photographs capture her world in a unique and extraordinary way, but she inspires all of us to look around and really see.
    Thanks, Jersey Girl!


  4. She is AMAZING! I have been a fan forever! I would own all of her photos. In the summer she will be doing some Family pictures for us as well as engagement photos in the early fall and Our Wedding in November as well!


  5. I remember when Denise started posting pictures online…they were amazing at the start. She's able to capture the unexpected and the raw beauty in everyting she focus' in on.
    Great artist, wonderful person and loving soul.


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