Keller Willimas May Artists Ben Scherer & Janet Cooper with Catering from Emerald Cove


Ben Scherer’s passion for photography is clear through his work. His preferred style is often black and white with highlights, shadows, and contrast; usually with little to no editing. He particularly loves taking photos of the everyday things people walk by, but give little notice to; buildings, signs, reflections.


Janet Cooper knows that every stone has its own meaning and unique expression. Her passion is to turn them into beautiful expressions of jewelry. Janet loves creating jewelry and seeing someone enjoy her creations. She will work with you to create your own special piece from something old or from the gemstones that she finds.

Emerald Cove Catering comes to you through the vision of two culinary professionals, Freddie Detore II and James Privette, who met while working at the famous Seattle restaurant; Palisades. Their specialty is Pacific Northwest cuisine with Asian and Mediterranean influences.

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