Dr. Krieger July Artist Julie Nugent-Carney

Chemical Reactions

Adrenaline, testosterone, serotonin, endorphins, pheromones…endogenous chemicals rising and falling with each new stimulus.

Like wind blowing clouds, invisible particles surge and bodies become canvas.

But what if these chemicals extended beyond the confines of the body? What would emotional storms look like?

What is we could see the electrical attractions between people? What if we could witness the chemical reaction created by deep emotions such as longing and desire?

What would it look like?

About the Artist
Julie Nugent-Carney has been a West Seattle resident and painter for over 20 years, and has enjoyed watching the local arts community grow and flourish. Julie explored a wide range of media and techniques before completing her undergraduate program, but her work has maintained an affinity for bold colors and movement.

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