Capers August Artists Allen Emhoff & Connie Conley

Allen Emhoff is a West Seattle artist who has exhibited his sculptural works at On The Edge and West Edge Sculpture Invitational in Seattle, the United States/Canada Peace Anniversary Association Sculpture Invitational, The Maryhill Museum of Art’s invitational, the Center on Contemporary Art, and other group and solo gallery exhibitions.

Allen’s current works are constructions of ABS, PVC and HDPE plastic that incorporate iconic images drawn from social, ethnic and cultural sources.

My name is Connie Conley and I have been painting since 2002.

I have no formal training and am completely self-taught, I’m proud to say. No one was more surprised than me that I even had the ability to paint, but here I am!

I am a Pet Sitter by trade and pets, especially dogs, bring me so much joy that I was inspired to start painting them. Their sweet personalities come thru and always make me smile. In fact, that is my goal, to bring a smile to anyone who sees my paintings. I am not afraid of color and always use bold and very vibrant shades in my work. I have even started a line of greeting cards from the paintings that I have done, so even more people can enjoy my art.

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