Knows Perfume August Artist Geoff Garza

I have a background in theatre and recently began thinking that the materials I use; pigment, media, brushes, combs, turkey basters, eye droppers, stencils, wallpaper, alkyd and the wide variety of colors are actors in a drama I am directing.

So I cast these “actors” in roles that I feel they will excel in as well as be challenged by. I orchestrate their movement in “rehearsal” making sure
that the work is vital and authentic throughout. If an actor is miscast he
is fired on the spot and replaced by one with the proper chops for the job.

I polish up the performance and literally hang the stage under lights in an “opening” and let the audience in.
I have created my drama and am the nervous director. This is the best way I can describe my process. It keeps me engaged, interested, constantly experimenting and most of all I have fun. Lotsa Fun!

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