Barton Street Lofts September Show


My paintings and drawings are mixtures of images from hand lettering, digital art and collage. I use pencil, acrylic, digital printing, computer projections and collage to create these works. The figure, hand lettering and typography are the major themes of my work. I am informed by Folk Art, Primitive Art and all forms of Graphic Art from information design to corporate identity systems. I want my work to contain awkwardness that has a rhythm between shape, contrast, color and inaccuracy.

Doug Parent Parent works with an array of media on his drawings using pen and ink, charcoal, colored pencil, graphite, and pastels. His paintings on canvas and hardboard are done with acrylics which he enjoys for their brilliance of color and responsiveness. The Barton Street Lofts show will feature recent acrylic paintings and pastels of his free trees, beyondo, and sails series.

kelly rae

My paintings began with slabs of clay, ceramic glazes, and the same tools that I use today to apply, layer, and scrape away paint. I fell in love with mixing colors and the smell of oil paint and turpentine, so I turned from clay to wood and canvas. I now work in many mediums as they all lend different qualities to the process: oil for the saturation of color and patience, acrylic paint for speed, collage and layering for depth, and encaustics (oil and wax): tactile, three dimensional and most like working with clay.

I am mostly a self-taught painter through a series of trial and error. My paintings employ layers of color, boldly worked with palette knives and brushes. I am inspired by green green grass against blue blue sky, anything round, old fabric, yarn, aging shutters, doors and windows, a tulip or allium from underneath, color, spring, fall, and everything I see when open my eyes.

“I always thought that inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work” – Chuck Close

Niffer Calderwood

jnifferc@comcast.netAs a Seattle native I started going to see live music regularly in my early teenage years and shortly thereafter picked up a camera and started photographing the rock shows. I have never stopped. These are a few of my favorites.

Robin Short

Robin is a graphic designer and fine artist who practices exploration in illustration, typography, print design, product packaging and book arts. For the West Seattle Art Walk at Barton Street Lofts, she will be displaying a series of watercolor illustrations. These observational studies of small houses aspire to trigger a mutual curiosity and sentimentality for our places of dwelling and their surrounding environment.

Michelle Auer- Mixed media (Painting, photography, recycled art dolls)

Michelle comes from a long line of artists. Her father is a woodworker, her mother a quilter, her grandmother a painter… the list goes on and on. While she was growing up she was exposed to so many different artistic mediums that she has dabbled in a little of everything from photography to having one of her recycled art dresses featured on the cover of The Stranger.

*Here is the link to my Stranger cover in case you want to do a hot link:

James Sutherland

“Seattle Artist James W. Sutherland works intuitively in his unique medium of painted, carved plaster panels. James’ creative spirit is inspired by the magic and joy of nature, which he captures with a childlike energy through use of line, color and texture.

His art is his soul at play.”

Amanda J. DeSilver

Website:’s work can be described as “Emotional Landscapes,” from the representational to the abstract. Amanda creates an impression of the world we live in, through a bold use of form and her individual interpretation of color. Being able to find solace or an escape from the humdrum of the everyday world within the images she creates allows the viewer a chance to step back from the activity of daily life and locate a harmony within oneself.

Margy Lavelle Furst

I have painted and drawn just about all my life. I started drawing as a child and did my first oil painting at the age of 15. At the age of 20 I found myself enrolled in Nursing School but spending every spare minute pursuing my work in art. I decided to change course and attend the University of Washington Art School graduating in 1976 with a BFA in Painting. I had the good fortune to study with Bob Jones, Alden Mason, Norman Lundin, an independent year with Jacob Lawrence and eventually Elaine deKooning.

Between raising a family and making a living my art has often had to take a back

seat, but only temporarily. I now spend a good deal of time in the Skagit Valley where the ever changing light and open vistas have inspired this most recent series of birds.


I am a self-taught artist. Having taken black and white photographs for some time I finally picked up a paint brush two years ago and play with it nearly every day. It is so much fun! The current focus of my work is with acrylic paint which I choose for its vibrancy, and texture. My subject matter has been broad simply because I find inspiration everywhere. I work from photos and plenaire as well as letting my imagination go. My studio has taken over the kitchen in my home and is filled with music, great light, good wine, and once a week with my creative friends without whom I would be poor.

Clartia Hinojosa

Paintings and Photography

Louise Hoeshen Goldberg

Large Canvas Paintings

1101 1st Ave West

Seattle, WA 98119

Paul Erickson

Metal Work

Bruce Howard

Metal Robot Sculptures

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