TILA Real Estate September Show Belly-Full of Art

Belly-Full of Art !

Join host Anné Burke at TILA Real Estate for a night of art, music, wine and Yes, chocolate!

Our featured artist is:
Laura Marie is a West Seattle resident, Artist and creator of BelliVita™ Belly Bowls and a mom to two wonderful girls. She has a passion for pregnancy, childbirth and art. It is fascinating what our bodies go through during the pregnancy process. The miracle of pregnancy and childbirth truly moves my soul. Each porcelain bowl I create for you is original in it’s design” These bowls are heirlooms to be passed down through the generations, a capture of a memory that you can proudly display as a sculpture of mother and baby as one. The bowls are long-lasting and can be touched, held and cherished as the one of a kind work of art that it is just like your little one!www.bellivita.com

Music by another West Seattle native Lisa Hoyt, cool-mellow acustical songs to make this one stop at ArtWalk you wont want to miss.

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