The Kenney Annual October Bazaar

Annual Bazaar Sale!
Home-made crafts & goodies by Kenney Residents.
Sales supporting The Resident Life Care Fund!

Watercolor paintings by Elizabeth (Bonnie) Bennedsen
In the mid 90’s I had an opportunity to visit the Hermitage in St Petersburgh, Russia. While there, I decided I wanted art to be part of my life. Eventually I jumped in and I began to paint. My favorite subjects are flowers and boats, but many things I paint are from pictures I have taken when I walk my dog in West Seattle, or on my travels.
Acrylic paintings by Kenney resident Gladys Herreid!
Entertainment by The Seattle Civic Band
What brings band members together is the desire to rehearse and perform music in an ensemble, and to have fun!

One thought on “The Kenney Annual October Bazaar

  1. I have one of your painting called faces i would like to know what was in your mind when you done this work of art. thanks shirley


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