Twilight Artist Collective October Show Candyland

Opening: Thursday, October 14th
from 6 to 9, during the West Seattle Art Walk.

West Seattle Artist Kelly Lyles has turned our back gallery into her own CANDYLAND. This show will include 50 small candy “portraits” in additon to a floor piece that will take you onto the board game we all remember from our childhood.

Artist Statement:
Life is fun – I’d like viewers to share that.

With assistance from a 4Culture grant, I’ve completed a new series, an interactive themed show called CANDYLAND. CANDYLAND, a popular board game for children originally created over 70 years ago (and continually revised, reiterating the timelessness of the theme).

Candy is universal and International, every country has a favorite packaged sweet and a love of sugary treats. In this political and economic climate, I think play and humor are much needed antidotes, so this grouping exemplifies our simple commonality. Candy is colorful and visual; nostalgically evoking childhood memories (whether rewards, even bribery, or conversely the “forbidden”) in a lot of adults, encouraging playfulness and happiness. This is also a personal theme for me – I always keep candy only in my studio as a lure to begin work!
~Kelly Lyles

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