Swanson & Seepersad Chiropractic October Artist faceOdd

In addition to the artist, we will be having wine and snacks, complimentary chair massage, representatives from Solace Essentials and Take Shape for Life.

FACADE synonyms: exterior, front, face, forehead, forepart…
Born and raised among the cornfields of Illinois, I longed for variety and excitement. Halloween provided this, as did the much anticipated town carnival and our routine family vacations to the East Coast. Some people lived in the past; I lived from one annual event to the next. Escaping from the cornfields by way of the US Army, I found myself in Washington state. Six years at Fort Lewis and a total of twenty three years later, I am proud to call West Seattle my home.
I never cared to play with dolls as a child (toads were far more fascinating), but I did enjoy sculpting my little dream creatures in clay. As years went by, I eventually began leatherworking with my young son. We set out to make belts, bags, and knife sheaths.
Ah, yes. The knife sheaths. This is where the practical met artistic opportunity for me. There was an element of sculpture with vegetable tanned leather that I wasn’t immediately aware of, until I actually started doing it. As my sheaths took on a life of their own, I began searching for other ways to manipulate the leather. I began painting it beautiful colors and decorating it with interesting textures.
And then, I made a mask.
It turned out terrible! One eye was larger than the other, and it was too small for my face. I tried again and this time created something I did not expect, something beautiful. My third mask, Night Hawk, now belongs to my first mask collector. He also owns the fourth and fifth, and he is partially responsible for setting into motion this obsession that took over my living room and, soon after, my life. In 2007 people began calling me an artist… which was very strange at first. Now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you, Hector!
My daydreams have always been filled with cheerful little creatures who are kin to the works of Jody Bergsma and Brian Froud. The charming, chaotic masquerade scene in the movie ‘Labyrinth’ stamped a lasting impression on my imagination which I have recently rediscovered. This early influence has been recognized by others in my mask designs.
Working exclusively with meat industry by-product leather purchased from a local family-owned business, I strive to create the highest quality masks possible. My technique is based on a combination of traditional saddle making tools and unexpected household items. Designed to dance with the light, each of my mask creations is a character. When coupled with the vitality of a human head, they become magical and delight my inner child, who is now 7 and a half.

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