ActivSpace October Artist Dr. Robin Carleen


Just shy of 60, Robin decided to take a leap — a leap of faith, a leap of creativity, and a leap of commitment — to herself. An early birthday present, a studio at Activspace was the starting point of this leap. This showing is another point on the trajectory toward — well, who knows…

A poem entitled “Fasten Your Seat Belts Please”, from A Poetry Collection she recorded some time ago illustrates.

Fasten Your Seatbelts, Please

Fasten your seatbelts, please.
Ready to take a ride, the ride of a lifetime?
Hold on tight, for you will be shaken and shown,
Seen and known, released and revealed,
Joined and jolted
A rockin’ carousel of shapes and forms,
Music and motion, round and round,
Transported, yet remaining in the same flesh.
Ready to take a ride, the ride of a lifetime?
Grab it. Grab the golden ring.
It’s your turn.
(Anderson, 2001)

Grabbing the golden ring is something Robin likes to do.

When she was in her mid-fifties Robin decided to work on developing her left brain by pursuing e a doctorate. In 2008 she was awarded a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership. As a practical result, she now brings leadership concepts into spaces as part of her work as an Interior Designer. Clients include Non-Profits and Professional Service Organizations, Retail and Government, as well as private individuals. Her specialties include spaces for Health Care Organizations, Attorneys, and Judges.

Each space designed gets a custom piece of art – from metal works she does with her partner Aaron, to arrangements of glass, found objects, and dried flowers, to mosaics, mixed media pieces and painted furniture.

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