Windermere October Artist Carla

We never really know what the other one sees. I mean, red is a label we attach to something we experience. It doesnt mean everybody experiences the same. In reality (whatever that is) my red could be your green. Some animals don’t see color, we think they only see black and white- but maybe they see something we don’t even think about.

Art, visual art is all about the artists vision and how the viewer experiences it. Digital Art lets me the artists create the most ultimate documentation of my experience. Beautiful, breathing situations of innocence and mystery; a child, a flower or nature from afar- . I generally work with spaces that are inspirational to see, magic. Objects are my muse, but they are not my vision.
With the new tools of the artistic profession, I actively paint on photographs and use a multitude of programs to manipulate them even further. I choose what I see fit at random, depending on what the piece needs, while I freely paint, mix colors and determine lines. Some works of art are pushed even further when I physically paint on them after they have been printed as a canvas gallery wrap.
Finished works are available as limited edition giclee prints on pearl paper or available as canvas wrap (no framing required).
I also take commissions with artistic license. The original image file remains property of the owner and printing is optional.
Visit my website at:
and my blog at

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