ActivSpace November Artist Leo Smith

Leo’s passion for design and drawing began in the second grade. Continuing with this passion, Leo graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Oregon and is currently a licensed architect in Seattle, and a member of the American Institute of Architects.

Leo smith Architects was established in 1999 as a design studio specializing in residential projects. Sketching by hand remains the mainstay for the design process. The passion for design and drawing continue as a life-long journey. Leo and is family reside in the Alki neighborhood of West Seattle.

Artist Statement

Attending Burning Man in 2009 and 2010, I attempted to capture the spirit and energy of the event with hand-drawn postcards that were mailed to family and friends.

These 4 x 6 postcards are drawn on cold press watercolor paper. The process begins with a light pencil under drawing, followed with an ink sketch and layer of color applied with watercolor pencils.

The dramatic setting of the Black Rock Desert combined with the people, art installations, music, and mutant vehicles creates an enticing collection of subjects and events to experience.

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