Emerald Spiral November Artist Michael Ness

Fantasy Artist Michael Ness
Drop in at The Emerald Spiral Coop, a magical crystal and art store to enjoy the otherworldly landscapes and charming
fantasy characters created by Michael Ness.
Mike has a proclivity for all things fantasy, supernatural, philosophical, and
spiritual, and this penchant is reflected in both his Visual and Literary work.
He loves Seattle, Coffee, Seahawks football, Fantasy, Terry Brooks, Dreams

“I originally delved into art as a form of enhancing my writing, a way for me to
envision and enrich worlds of ideas found in the tales I wished to tell, which
for me were generally a means of escape. Escape offered Freedom. Freedom offered
Exploration. Exploration granted Enlightenment, and as such, Art became a form
of Meditation, -a way to live. But ever evolving within me, and altering me as I go, both Art and Writing,
-Creating whole new worlds of wonder- allows me to grow and change and grow
again. I have become an architect of Life… -through the arts.
And this is the most divine I think I can be for the sake of the world and my
contribution to it. ~

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