Keller Williams November Artists Sam Chapman and Janet Cooper


With images of jets, water, trees, and salmon; Sam Chapman considers himself a NW artist, although he grew up in Virginia and studied in Philadelphia and Rome. While in high school, Sam attended a 6-week language seminar in Leningrad and learned Russian with other American students. These past experiences have surfaced in his recent work. Sam works on paper because of its intimacy, soft, flexible, durable, and yet vulnerable enough to cut and tear. Sam believes that when drawing is at its best, the thought process is visible.


Every stone has its own meaning and unique expression. Janet’s passion is to turn them into beautiful expressions of jewelry. She began creating jewelry about four years ago when trying to decide what to do with a special amethyst necklace that had broken. The necklace had belonged to her grandmother, who had passed, so she wanted to create something very memorable with it. Janet took a class to learn how to make a bracelet and discovered how naturally jewelry making came to her. As she began wearing a few of her creations, everyone commented on how much they liked them and that she should “do that for a living”. She loves creating jewelry and seeing someone enjoy her creations. Janet will work with you to create your own special piece from something old or from the gemstones that she finds. Upon request, she is also happy to provide you with information on the specific healing properties and other information regarding the stones in your jewelry.

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