bin 41 November Artist Graham Clark

Do we have a smashing line-up in store for you this Thursday! We’ll be joined once again by artist Graham Clark, whose beautiful photography won us all over this summer. Graham will be on hand with new photos and stories to share of his adventures across the country since his last visit. We’ll also have a visiting winemaker from Italy in the bin! We’ll be welcoming Lucio from Vignalta winery in the Colli Euganei area of the Venetian hills. Some of you have discovered ‘the salt’ from Lucio’s estate…and if you haven’t, trust us, you’ll want to pick up a jar of it on Thursday. And don’t forget the wines…we’ll be sampling a fantastic line-up of wines from Lucio’s estate including one he makes in California from a friend’s vineyard.

And for all of our Reddog fans out there…….yes, it is true. Reddog will be in the bin this Thursday evening offering up more of their entertaining, fabulous acoustical sets. So what are you waiting for…we hope to see you in the bin this Thursday between 6 and 9 pm!

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