Emerald Spiral December Artist Zan Edson

Gifts from Fairyland: The Magical Worlds of Zan,

Come visit us at Emerald Spiral Coop for refreshments and delightful Holiday art show for young and old. The whimsical ceramic characters of Zan include wizards, dragons, elves, fairies, tree folk and enchanted animals from Fairyland. Fun gift items of beautifully carved clay rattles showing animals at play, and T shirts of her famous ” Feed Your Inner Dragon” motif. Pick a free magic crystal from the Smiles Bowl and enjoy punch and cookies for the Holiday Season. Affordable prices for that special gift.

Zan Edson enjoys creating playful art with a variety of mediums. She is inspired by change and surprising transformations, by dreams, by seasons and natural forms. Some of her favorite means of expressing her fantastic imagination are sculpting in clay, sand and snow, painting on canvas and on the human canvas(bodypainting) and illustrating.

Zan grew up on the wild shores of Northern Maine and still gathers strength and inspiration from forest and water, stone and bramble. She loves the Pacific Northwest and it’s crazy jumble of city, mountain lakes and Sound.

Zan’s 2D art ranges from mystically romantic paintings to delicately detailed graphic comic style characters and creatures. Her 3D ceramic art is highly imaginative and
includes hand-sculpted and carved clay figures (human, beasts and sentient trees) and brilliant, colorful bodypaintings.
You can see her work online at artbyzan.com

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