Hotwire Online Coffeehouse December Artist Justin Hillgrove

Having been burnt out for a long time after many intense years of freelance design and illustration, Justin had not painted anything in several years, but upon inheriting some old canvases and art supplies from his deceased Grandfather and receiving inspiration and encouragement from his good friend and fellow artist, Mike Capp, Justin began to paint “Love the Sinner”. It was such an enjoyable process that many other pieces followed that one. After awhile, Justin’s wife suggested showing them off and possibly selling some, (painting is not a cheap hobby and there is only so much wall space in the house). Justin has not stopped painting since and still loves it just as much as when he first started.

Many sources influence and inspire Justin’s work. Most notable among them are Justin’s wife and kids, friends and family, and great artists like Nathan Jurevicius, Tim Burton, Hayao Miyazaki, Scott Musgrove, Brian Despain and others.

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