West Seattle Cellars December Artist, Michael Alm

Plus Italian Wines from Small Vineyards

“Dr. Filbert Montauk of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has returned from a six year wilderness trip into some of the least hospitable lands in the world. The purpose of this trip was to discover unrecorded pockets of genetic diversity. Many thought he perished years ago; instead he has returned claiming to have found a lost valley hidden deep within the Burmese Jungle. He refuses to take anyone to his discovery; instead, he has brought back journals and specimens. The Zoological community has had a mixed reception to Dr. Montauk’s findings. Scientists are insulted by his lack of cooperation, and many are suggesting foul play. Nevertheless, the doctor refuses to reveal the exact location of the valley in order to protect it from human intervention.

Montauk’s journals and specimens are slowly being released to the public. He is meticulously editing his findings in order to prevent others from deciphering clues about the location of his lost paradise.”

On Art Walk Thursday, our weekly wine tasting features Italian wines from West Seattle’s own Small Vineyards, an importer of wines from small, family-owned wineries throughout Italy. The tasting is free, and runs from 5:30 until 9:00 on Thursday, December 9. Come and taste some passionately-made wines and see Michael’s drawings.

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