Seepersad Chiropractic & Masssage December Artist Erin Chechi

Erin Chechi will be showcasing her work at Swanson & Seepersad Chiropractic & Masssage, 3703 California Ave SW, Suite A
Erin Chechi has been showing her paintings in Seattle for over ten years. She often combines with musical groups in the area performing as a live painter. She also teaches yoga and integrates art into her yoga workshops and retreats. She has spent the last few years showing her work all over the United States including Encinitas, Colorado, Arizona, Las Vegas, Pennsylvania and Virginia. She also has work hanging in Bosnia and Croatia and recently finished a year-long study of yoga and art modalities in India while painting murals and specializing in Mehandi and silk painting.
Largely a self-taught artist, she credits her lack of exposure to protocol for the originality of her work. She is inspired by her lifelong study of spiritual symbology and regards painting as part of her own meditative practice. Often she begins with an ambiguous field communing with the surface and environment, allowing the image to reveal itself to her. She is lately interested in the relation of surrealism to abstraction and reducing her control over the image. The most pure form of this practice is found in her collaborations with others. Erin works to function as a conduit for new energy and ideas and her paintings continue to paint themselves through the eyes and imaginations of their beholders.
Her India travel blog can be found at

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